Saturday, 10 June 2017

Freedom and censorship - Democracy? 

With near on 10 million views and 64,000 subscribers to my WOODOMAIN You Tube channel and the freedom of democracy for individuals to comment on my videos, I spend quite a lot of my unpaid time almost daily removing abusive or obscene comment. 
When I fall into the trap of responding with a Jeremy Corbyn like approach ' let's sit down and have a cup of tea and talk about a peaceful solution' I then open the sluice gates for further comments. So I usually remove them!
This is called censorship or regulation which seem to be dirty words especially on FB and yet if I decide to drive my high powered vehicle at over 100mph my conduct is curtailed in no uncertain terms, and in the interests of society. Crazy irrational world we live in.
Fortunately for every abusive comment I get 10 really great ones making it worth effort to continue. But the thing that disturbs me is the copycat nature of these comments once they start appearing.
I watch some of the very best gypsy jazz guitarists in the world (like the top three) and am staggered at the level of abusive comments on the channels because the channels aren't managed.
Food for thought?!

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