Tuesday, 10 July 2018

An Innovative Guitar For 2018

This is the Jez Broun Ecoustic Guitar.

To some the word 'ecoustic' might imply an environmentally correct guitar but actually it is my abbreviation of the term electro-acoustic'.

This is guitar no 21 (since 1962) and is the most innovative so far. It has been designed and built for my own use and the essence of it is the sophisticated pickup system that links to a guitar synthesiser.

The Graphtech Ghost Midi Guitar Pickup System is an amazing piece of electronics hardware that allows a nylon strung guitar to link to a synthesiser such as the Rolan GR-55 to create a variety of guitar sounds as well as other instruments such as cello, electric piano, saxophone and flute. 

The guitar uses 400 year old black walnut for the detachable back . 

The top is made of first grade Balkan spruce with very close grain 
and the bridge made from 250 year old elm.

The main profile is constructed from Brazilian pine plywood stack laminated.

The fingerboard is ebony inlaid with acrylic markers

 The head is faced with Balkan spruce and the machine heads 
I bought in 1967 and have been saving for a special guitar. 
They include bone and mother of pearl.